Friday Arvo Ministry Training – Tristan Merkel & Grace Ogg

Reflections on the Friday Zoom Training from a Trainer and Apprentice:

Why do you tune into Friday Arvo Ministry Training?
It’s a helpful time to think through different areas of ministry affected by Covid and use it to reflect together on what we are doing and why.

Where do you watch it?  And how do you process/put into practice the training delivered through the Zoomcast?
We watch it in the church office.  We reflect on what was said and talk about what we are doing as a church and what we could improve on.

What is one silver lining for you during the Covid-19 crisis?
It’s been a great chance to deepen our understanding of God’s mission, particularly the fact his mission doesn’t go ‘on hold’ for anything!


Tristan Merkel & Grace Ogg – Bathurst Presbyterian Church