Starting Apprenticeships in your Church

How to start an apprenticeship in your church


Step 1. Gain an understanding of MTS Apprenticeships

If you don’t think you’ve got a good grasp on what an MTS Apprenticeship is, please visit this page, which provides links to the following information:

  • Brief description of an MTS Apprenticeship and the biblical concepts under-pinning them
  • Description of the benefits of doing an MTS Apprenticeship and who should consider doing one
  • MTS offers a variety of Apprenticeship Pathways – understand what is available
  • There number of options available to financially support an MTS Apprenticeship – understand the available options

You should also review the resources provided in our MTS Info Nights Kit.

You may also review our 6 Steps to Ministry Apprenticeships document.

Step 2. Advise MTS that your church will be offering a ministry apprenticeship

To advise MTS that your church will be offering a ministry apprenticeship, please complete the on-line Available Apprenticeship Notice.

You should complete this notice for any apprenticeship.   This notice is applicable to both apprenticeships where the apprentices is employed by the church (Curriculum apprenticeship) and where the apprentice receives an MTS Scholarship (Scholarship apprenticeship).

This step is particularly important for Scholarship apprenticeships, as there is a requirement that any Scholarship funded by tax deductible donations must be publicly advertised.   MTS will advertise the ministry apprenticeship training opportunity at your church, when you submit an Available Apprenticeship Notice. 

Please note that completing an Available Apprenticeship Notice does not commit the church to training a ministry apprentice, it simply invites interested persons to apply to be trained in your church.

Step 3. Receive applications and interview applicants

Interested persons should complete an MTS Apprenticeship Application which will be received by MTS and forwarded onto you.

It is important that MTS Apprenticeships be awarded in a transparent and equitable process, and that all meritorious applicants for the apprenticeship you are offering be interviewed.

Step 4. Recommend your preferred applicant to MTS

After you have interviewed all suitable applicants, you can recommend the successful Apprentice to MTS. You will also need to have identified the MTS Apprenticeship pathway they will be following, and have decided how the apprenticeship will be financially supported.

You should now advise all these details to MTS by completing an on-line Recommendation for your successful Apprentice.

This is the point in the process where the church is effectively committing to train their preferred candidate as an MTS Apprentice.