Games for Groups Meeting Online

Below are a list of online games from our ‘Awesome Fun Outreach Zoom-Cast! Experience it, then run it!’ FAM Training session with Eric Thurston (MTS Director of Training) on 22nd May 2020. NB: Some games assume that you’ll be using the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

  1. What movie/tv show am I in? Use the Zoom Virtual Backgrounds feature to put up an image from a movie or television show, and ask the group to guess the correct answer!
  2. Pictionary: Use the Zoom Whiteboard to play a few rounds of online Pictionary
  3. Scattergories
  4. I Saw That!
    • Play the following Mr Bean video via screenshare: Charles Trénet’s ‘La Mer’ from “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”
    • Download the accompanying slideshow here to reveal answers as you ask the following questions:
      • In the 1st scene, what weird thing was in the pillar?
      • What odd picture was on the truck he walked out on?
      • What was the second truck he walked on carrying?
      • What colour hat was the scooter driver wearing?
      • What colour was the peddle boat?
      • What was on the bonnet of the sand car?
      • What was physically wrong with the guy in the leather jacket and sunglasses (William Dafoe)?
      • Name 4 instruments in the band
      • In the last scene, what was the girl in the mint green dress holding?
  5. Tabu: Only available on the Apple Store
  6. Boggle
  7. Zoom Karaoke
  8. Zoom Charades

Additional suggestions from attendees: