How to apply for an MTS Apprenticeship

All available MTS apprenticeship opportunities are listed on the MTS Apprenticeship Opportunities page of this website.

To apply for an offered apprenticeship, we suggest that you first download the brief information sheet provided for each advertised apprenticeship opportunity.  The contact phone number and email address for the trainer is listed so if you have questions, contact them.

You will then need to complete an on-line MTS Apprenticeship Application :

You will receive an on-line acknowledgement that you have submitted an application. The church or ministry should also provide an acknowledgement to you when they receive your application.    The church or ministry will arrange to interview all meritorious applicants.

If applying for an apprenticeship funded by a scholarship, you would normally be emailed documents that would assist you to research your entitlement to Centrelink student benefits.  You should research your entitlement to Centrelink student benefits and be prepared to share the outcome of your research at your interview.

If you are not entitled to any Centrelink student benefits, or only qualify for a diminished level of benefits, please continue with the application process, and be prepared to share this outcome with your interviewers.