MTS Pathways

This year our electives will map out three phases of moving towards a ministry apprenticeship:

  1. First thoughts. Great for those thinking about any kind of gospel ministry in churches. How do you start doing any ministry in the first place? The aim is to shape your thinking in a healthy direction such that you grow and develop into a giver of ministry rather than merely a receiver.
  2. Serious thinking. Ideal for the person who wants to seriously think about a ministry apprenticeship even though it may be three to four years away. Who should give an apprenticeship serious thought? What issues need to be considered? What obstacles may need overcoming? How can you move towards an apprenticeship in a few years’ time?
  3. Ready to commit. This elective is good for someone who is perhaps 1-2 years away from starting. What things need to be in place to start an apprenticeship? What to look for in a trainer? How to prepare in advance for the apprenticeship?

There will also be a separate strand for Presbyterian Youth Metro.