Enduring for the sake of the gospel: Reflections on G8 2024

In Stanwell Tops NSW from January 15 – 18, G8 2024 National Conference was held. Over 170 people attended the event, including 58 MTS trainers and 92 MTS apprentices from NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, TAS, and WA.

Under Christ, G8 gathers MTS trainers and apprentices to teach them how God’s Word must form their character and practice. G8 operates with two primary purposes:

  1. Instil in trainers and apprentices the MTS DNA.
  2. Equip trainers and apprentices for the training and ministry year ahead.

The annual training event for trainers and apprentices involved main sessions with talks from speaker Ben Pfahlert (MTS National Director) on the Book of Jeremiah, Ministry Principles Sessions with speaker Dave Moore (Executive Pastor at Hunter Bible Church), workshops and seminars, as well as time for fellowship and building connections with fellow MTS trainers and apprentices.


During the conference, Antony Dandato and Mike Doyle were presented with their MTS entrusters batons. MTS entrusters are like MTS grandparents. They are the veterans of the MTS movement. Antony Dandato is the Director of MAT Zimbabwe, the MTS equivalent in Zimbabwe. Antony trained his first apprentice in 2015 and has been pivotal to the raising up of gospel workers in Zimbabwe ever since. You can learn more about Antony and MAT Zimbabwe here. Mike Doyle was trained by Carl Matthei in 2004-05. Mike then trained his first apprentice, Sam Chrisp in 2010-11.


Over the last few years, attendees of G8 have financially partnered with Anglican Aid to help raise funds for The Bible Talks (TBT) university ministry in Durban, South Africa. In 2024, G8 attendees partnered with 2nd year Ministry Apprentices – Nomfundo and Siyanda with a target of $5000. It’s not easy for a ministry apprentice training with this ministry to raise the funds to support their two-year apprenticeship. South Africa has an unemployment rate of 28.5% and 16% of the population live in poverty. Supporting the work of TBT means that more young men and women are freed up to be trained in ministry in Durban, South Africa.

At the completion of G8, a total of $6834 was raised for Nomfundo and Siyanda! Praise God!


On the final evening of the conference, Ben Pfahlert encouraged and challenged G8 2024 trainers and apprentices as he sent them out for the ministry year ahead.

Ben encouraged trainers and apprentices through…

  1. The deep concern for the growth of the MTS movement internationally
  2. The committed cohort of apprentices gathering and connecting with each other
  3. The ‘holy fools’ of trainers. Trainers knowing that they are sanctified but also knowing that they don’t know everything and have lots to learn.

Ben challenged trainers and apprentices…

  1. To keep training. Train. Multiply. The family tree needs to keep growing. Only 4% of people in Australia go to evangelical churches.
  2. To not get caught up in worldly thinking, particularly in relation to generational differences. Each generation has a lot to offer those around them.
  3. To look towards the verandah moments. When we’re 93 y/o, with not a whole lot left in the tank, reflecting and being thankful for the many ways that we and the brothers and sisters have voluntarily and sacrificially denied ourselves for the sake of the lost and bringing them to Christ. 

We thank God for all our trainers, apprentices, and supporters. We also thank Him for the G8 conference and how He works through this conference to set us up for a great year of gospel work.

To learn more about G8, visit g8nationalconference.com.au