Chile says, “Thank you MTS Australia!”

Chile says, “Thank you MTS Australia!”

Ben Pfahlert, the MTS National Director, recently returned from Chile, where he taught 26 pastors to train apprentices and spoke at their biggest ever recruiting conference, Vocacion 14.

MTS was invited by Generacion, a Chilean training and church planting foundation, to help with equipping local trainers and with the foundation’s recruitment of new apprentices.

Soon after the trip’s end, MTS Australia received a warm letter of thanks from Patricio Oyarzún, one of the coordinators of the conference, on behalf of the Chilean network Generacion. Patricio recalled that after the three-day conference, “It was a great blessing to realise how these men and women from five different denominations were won to concepts as radical as ‘two years full time’, ‘spiritual parenting’ and so on”.

This all came about during a significant moment in the life of the Church in Chile. The second Vocacion conference went forward on Saturday 12th April. A crowd of 70 men and women attended, which is a huge turnout for the Christian community of the region. In Patricio’s words, “They were clearly and passionately encouraged from the Bible to seriously consider becoming or supporting an apprentice.”
We thank God for using the partnership between MTS and Generacion to give the gospel a push forward in the hearts of many in Chile. It is with deep gratitude that we thank Him and every supporter who made this partnership possible.

Moving forward, Generacion is now dreaming about how to make waves in other countries across their region with the Ministry Training Strategy. We look forward to continuing in partnership with Generacion and seeing God bless other churches across the continent as encourage and highlight the value of ministry training.