Celebrating MTS Volunteers

Ministry Training Strategy is blessed with a long history of committed and faithful volunteers who are integral to the mission of MTS. In a normal MTS year of ministry over 300 volunteers will serve. These volunteers serve on MTS event committees, are mobilised in churches to promote and support MTS, are members of the MTS Board and more. 

With these volunteers, these partners in the Gospel, the MTS mission to ‘win the world for Christ by multiplying Gospel Workers through ministry apprenticeships’, grows more and more by the grace of God. 

Thankfulness for the volunteer MTS Board Members

Some of the most impactful volunteers we are blessed with, are those who serve and have served on the MTS Board. 

Since 1991 MTS has had 32 Board Chairmen, with our Chairmen serving from 3 years to 25 years with the Board. Currently, our Board includes 9 faithful men and women, 5 of which have served for over 10 years, and 1 who has been serving MTS for 22 years. We are always thanking God for their service, and for the legacy that the faithful service of volunteers before them have left.

The current MTS Board Chairman is Peter Kaldor, the Managing Director for City Bible Forum. For Peter, being on the MTS Board  

Peter says, “MTS has played a crucial role in my own Christian journey, from my conversion, to encouragement to consider gospel ministry and ultimately to my training for ministry. 

At each step an MTS apprentice or graduate was involved. I have seen firsthand the impact MTS is having, not just locally, but even overseas. We are told to pray for workers to be sent into the harvest field and MTS is an answer to these prayers. It is a privilege to be part of it.”

The call of the volunteers on the MTS Board is one of great responsibility. The Board protects the assets of MTS, not only physical and financial assets, but also the heritage, reputation, people and influence of MTS.

The Board is entrusted with the protection of these gifts that God has given us for the spread of his kingdom. They also ensure they are used effectively for the mission and purposes of MTS!

Margie Gillham, Missionary Development Facilitator CMS NSW & ACT, is a current member of the MTS Board. She says about why she volunteers, “I serve on the MTS Board as my small way to support the ongoing selection, training and encouragement of gospel workers both in Australia and throughout the world.” 

Sheridan Raston, Staff Worker, Crusaders says, “I volunteer on the MTS Board as I am a firm believer in the work of MTS. I think the team do a wonderful job and the scheme helps to train and equip Christians for ministry – whether or not it is full-time paid ministry.”

Why volunteering in service for the Gospel is important

Whether in your local church or for a ministry organisation like MTS, serving Christ as a volunteer is an important part of the Christian life. In Galatians, we are called to serve one another with humility and love!

MTS Board member and CEO of Christian SRE, Murray Norman, says of why he has chosen to volunteer with MTS, “People need to hear the saving message of the Lord Jesus, and MTS is about training a new generation of people to speak this good news into our world. We’re called to ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into his harvest field, and MTS supports them to be properly equipped and prepares them for that. I think it is a vital ministry, and definitely worth giving my time to!”