Bridging the cultural divide

Bridging the cultural divide

I am excited to be piloting a new MTS program with a cross-cultural focus. The goal of this new program is to train and equip workers for gospel ministry and furthering their holistic understanding of cross-cultural gospel ministry.

My apprenticeship is with EV Church, Erina, where I will be partnering with Australian Indigenous Ministries (AIM) for the cross-cultural components. I will be attending the Missions Interlink Short-term Training (MIST), which will introduce me to significant issues relating to life, work and Christian faith for those serving in a cross-cultural setting.

During my apprenticeship I am planning to go on two field trips and run a Mission Awareness Tour through AIM. In addition to this, I will also be involved in local ministry to women and youth involving; High School Scripture, “Flipside” Christian lunchtime groups in five high schools, and mission conferences such as ReachOut.

I will also be undertaking a Research Project on “the biblical and practical methodology of the church’s role in mission: choosing, training, sending, supporting missionaries. And the relationship between church and parachurch in relation to findings.”

I am thankful to God for the opportunity to undertake this two year Cross-Cultural MTS Apprenticeship and look forward to being trained and equipped for a lifetime of gospel ministry!

 Ellyn Rowe heads up the push for Cross-Cultural Apprenticeships