As 2020 ticks over: We need these more than ever

It is a new decade. 2020 began a few days ago.

And Australia (& the world) needs to multiply Gospel workers more now than ever.

Why do I say that?


Well, look at Australia now; it has many, many problems.

  • We have leaders in our nation who are known for the pursuit of dishonest gain. (The banking royal commission has articulated the moral failure of leaders in this sector of society).
  • We have a public discourse which is about public vitriol rather than public civility. (Even Waleed Aly laments the situation)
  • We have a whole generation of young people that KNOW they are judged by their academic transcript not the content of their character. (See Lucy Clark’s book, Beautiful Failures)

But God wants to see a different nation and a different world. (Matt 28:20)


A world where people know Jesus Christ. They know the teaching of the world’s most famous man; and they honour him.

  • Where leaders are on about sacrifice and service. (Mark 10:45)
  • Where our public discourse falls in line with Jesus’ teaching; that we do to others as we’d have them do to us. (Matt 7:12)
  • Where our youth know they’re valued because they are made in God’s image and if they’re Christians, they know they are “in Christ” because God purchased their souls with Christ’s blood (Eph 1:7)

There’s Australia now and there’s the Australia God wants it to be in the future.

How do we get there? How do we win the world for Christ? And, where does MTS’ Vision fit in?


Well, we play a part in bridging the gap.

MTS’ vision is to (prayerfully), “Win the world for Christ by multiplying Gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships”.

How do you win the world for Christ?

You need Gospel workers to go out and share Christ. That’s why Jesus prays for Gospel workers in Matthew 9:38.

He sees people harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd. He prays for Gospel workers because they give the good news to harassed sheep. Gospel workers feed and lead harassed sheep.

And where do apprenticeships fit into all of this?

Well ministry apprenticeships grow the quantity and the quality of Gospel workers.

  • Quantity – apprenticeships increase the number of gospel workers because an apprenticeship is a safe way to learn trade. So, more people dip their toe in the water.
  • Quality – apprenticeships increase the quality of gospel workers because our trainers, our experienced gospel workers, work deeply in partnership with apprentices to grow them in in Christ-like character, conviction and ministry competence. The 2 years of intense training dramatically increases the quality of the gospel worker turned out.

Will you walk with MTS into this new decade with a renewed vigour for raising up harvest workers?

Because Australia and the world needs Gospel workers now, more than ever.

Ben Pfahlert

MTS National Director