Jackson Lucas, Port Macquarie

Jackson Lucas, MTS Apprentice (2019-20)
Point Community Church, Port Macquarie
Trainer: Steve Covetz

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’ve had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home with parents who have both worked in church and school pastoral ministry.  Over the past year I’ve had a growing interest in Pastoral Care and Counselling.  I’m a people-oriented person and love doing life with people, anything from hospitality and organising events, to dinners and catch ups, etc.  When I’m not working or hanging out with friends I’m either cooking or enjoying a good surf, rock climb, or a bit of ninja warrior training and pretty much anything in between.

What led you to do an MTS apprenticeship?

After spending the past two years working in school ministry at an Anglican school on the Sunshine Coast, I was exploring different ways to further progress and journey in ministry.  Over lunch one Sunday back in April 2018 with family friends, conversations about MTS began with Steve Covetz, (Pastor of The Point Community Church where I’m doing MTS.) Keen for an adventure and excited to explore full time ministry, I looked into it more and moved to Port Macquarie to commence my first year of MTS in 2019.

What has been the biggest shock or surprise that you’ve learned about ministry in your first year?

Being thrown in the deep end and experiencing fatigue would have to be the two biggest surprises I’ve faced in ministry this year.  I’ve had to grow and mature quickly in my responsibility’s and areas of ministry.  I’ve understood the importance of rest and learning to say no more often to avoid over commitment.

What kind of ministries are you involved in?

The main areas of ministry I’m responsible for are Junior Youth and Youth Church.  I’m also part of the Welcome and Connect Ministries as well as serving in various ways at both services.

Can you give us a story from a day on the job?

The thing that blew me out of the water the most in my first year of MTS was the peace, courage and faith of one of my youth boys. Through the course of the year, I had met up with this 16yr old bloke on a weekly basis, mentoring and reading the bible with him. Towards the end of my first year of MTS he was diagnosed with Leukaemia and had to move away from his friends and family for a few months to live at the hospital and undergo numerous stages of Chemo. This 16yr old legend has trusted God through the whole thing, with incredible peace, overwhelming optimism and such mature confidence in Christ, his strength and hope – with an incredibly unashamed openness on his social media and to friends about the hope and faith he has in Jesus.

I’m sure you can all relate sometimes to the struggle of seeing how, “All things can workout good for those that love God.” (Rom 8:28)  Or to trust that, “He has plans for you, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” (Jer 29:11)  But what God is doing through this horrible situation is incredible. The week that he was diagnosed a few dozen of his non christian school friends attended the school’s christian lunch time group to pray for this kid and hear about the Gospel. God has used the boldness and faith of this guy to give myself and many others the strength to persevere through hard times. I’ve been privileged to witness the growth in his faith and his influence on so many others lives through these last few challenging weeks.

My first year of MTS has been awesome and I can’t wait for my second year to begin.

What his trainer, Steve Covetz, said about Jackson and being an MTS Trainer…

What made you want to start an apprenticeship in your church?

We’ve partnered with MTS to put on an apprentice because the harvest is plentiful and we don’t know when Jesus is returning. So, we want to equip the next generation to reach Australia.

In what areas have you seen Jackson start to grow?

Jackson has been a joy to have at church and amongst the staff team. Jackson has grown in his convictions regarding the Bible being the ‘food & fuel’ for disciple making. Jackson has the gift of ‘people skills’, so we have had to help him manage his time and say no to good opportunities.

What are some things you do with your apprentice each week and is there anyone else involved in Jackson’s ministry training?

Jackson and I catch up fortnightly to talk ministry, life and pray.  There are others on our staff team who focus on Jackson’s ministry training.  This team approach to apprentice training means Jackson learns from the strengths and weaknesses of each of us.

Any other comments?

Training the next crop of Gospel workers is important and hard work. Under God, we want to reach Australia for Christ. That urgency will always be there. I encourage anyone reading this to approach MTS and learn how to become an apprenticing church. It’s a privilege, joy and hard, but extremely rewarding.