Announcing changes in the MTS Board

Thanks for the work of Peter Kaldor

After many years of faithful service, Peter Kaldor has stepped down as the Chairperson of the MTS Board. Peter stepped into the role of Chairperson in June 2016, and since then has been instrumental in many ways.

Peter led MTS wonderfully through refining our vision, mission and mission objectives. Through this, he helped us to be efficient and effective in our ministry. He is one of the most enthusiastic custodians of the MTS vision, and we are grateful for how he has served.

Peter says, “MTS has played a crucial role in my own Christian journey, from my conversion, to encouragement to consider gospel ministry and ultimately to my training for ministry. At each step, an MTS apprentice or graduate was involved. I have seen firsthand the impact MTS is having, not just locally, but even overseas. We are told to pray for workers to be sent into the harvest field and MTS is an answer to these prayers.”

Peter stepped down as Chairperson in November 2022.

Welcoming our new Chairperson, Greg Lee

MTS is thrilled to welcome Greg Lee, the Senior Pastor of Hunter Bible Church as the new Chairman. Greg was appointed by the board on the 23rd Feb and has been an MTS board member for six years.

Greg lives out the MTS DNA and brings great experience and passion to the board. As a past apprentice trained by Phillip Jensen and Col Marshall, Greg has first-hand experience being trained in the MTS model. He is also a trainer and coach of trainers.

Greg says, “God has used MTS to raise up church planters, missionaries, evangelists, lecturers, pastors and faithful Mums and Dads… all for his glory. It’s an honour to serve Jesus with MTS.”

Please welcome Greg and be praying for him and the rest of the MTS Board as they do this important voluntary work.