MTS Core Values

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1. Global evangelism

In line with our vision to win the world for Christ, MTS values all effort that is devoted to seeing people across the globe putting their faith in Jesus. All that we do is in service of this mission, as we wait for Jesus to return.

2. The priority of prayer in raising up harvest workers

MTS values prayer as the foundation for the raising up of harvest workers (Matthew 9:38). We value continued prayerful dependence on God in convicting, identifying, recruiting and training gospel workers.

3. The Bible

MTS values the authority and centrality of the Scriptures in ministry. MTS values Biblical theology and humble submission to the Bible to shape the movement’s vision, mission, message and methods of training and recruiting.

4. Multiplying gospel workers

MTS values training that recognises that raising up the next generation of gospel workers is a core responsibility of a gospel worker. We value training that is devoted to multiplying trainers, entrusting a training culture to colleagues and apprentices.

5. Ministry apprenticeships – learning by watching and doing

MTS values the opportunity that is given to apprentices to learn by watching and doing, so they can grow in godly character, Christian conviction and ministry competency in a supportive context. MTS values a whole-of-life approach to ministry training which fosters deep pastoral relationships between apprentices and trainers, giving apprentices godly role models and allowing apprentices to develop a realistic understanding of what life in vocational ministry is like.