Questions about Donor Reporting



MTS will provide a Weekly report to each apprentice of the Donations Received for their individual scholarship for the year to date.
This report lists: date of donation, donor name, value of donation and total value of donations received for the Year to Date.

MTS will also provide a Weekly report to each apprentice of the Recurring Donations for an apprentice that are managed by MTS.
This reports lists: donor name, frequency, end date amount, number of payments remaining and the total value of the future payments.

Note: If a donor gives anonymously, the donor’s name on the reports that MTS provides to an apprentice will be suppressed and simply listed as “Anonymous” – so the donor’s identity will remain confidential.


MTS provides a suite of reports each month to the apprentice’s trainer and nominated contacts at a church, namely:

  • Apprentice Financial Position – Summary of Donations received vs Apprentice Scholarship Target and the donations that should have been received up to the current date.  This report highlights a short fall in donations compared to the Scholarship Target.
  • Church Financial Position – Summary of the projected Scholarship balance at completion for all the Apprentices at a church taking into account the donations received to date and the future donations expected to be received.  This report provides a forecast Surplus or Deficit in Scholarship donations for the church as a whole.
  • Donations Received – on a ytd basis this report lists every donation (donor name, date, amount) received for a scholarship fund .
  • Recurring Donations – this report lists all of the recurring donations managed by MTS that will benefit a scholarship fund associated with an apprentice or a church or ministry.