4 Concepts Behind the MTS Mission Minded Logo


4 Concepts Behind the MTS Mission Minded Logo

2015 has seen in the launch of MTS Mission Minded, a new recruiting conference for the NSW/ACT arm of the MTS movement. The MTS Mission Minded committee sat down with a graphic designer to develop a logo for the conference, and we love the finished concept.

When people see the logo, we hope it communicates the following messages:

1. MTS Mission Minded is the beginning of a big journey, so the logo resembles a mountain range ahead, ready to be navigated.

2. Those who come to be challenged at MTS Mission Minded are people who ‘travel light’. We are temporary citizens of this world, sojourners, so the logo also alludes to a small ‘A-frame’ tent, like the traveller’s fleeting home (2 Cor 5:1-2).

3. If you go on to do a ministry apprenticeship after MTS Mission Minded, life will not be comfortable, but it will be joyful (2 Tim 3:12). In line with notions of journeying and travelling light, you will be challenged to prioritise service over comfort. Past apprentices have found their training so enriching precisely because it is so challenging.

4. As the union of “MTS Spur” and “Mission Minded”, the conference has taken on a title full of ‘Ms’. The two capital ‘Ms’ in the logo represent the ideal of being ‘mission minded’, as we believe that being mission minded should be our chief aim (Mt 28:18-20). Through this conference, we hope mission minded people will be gathered, inspired, and sent out into all the world.

In short, we hope the logo conveys:
•    The journey
•    Travelling light
•    Service over comfort
•    Mission mindedness