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$102,874.00 raised at 29 Jun 2020
23 month target at 29 Jun 2020 $93,790.17
24 month target $97,868.00

Bundaberg Bible Chapel Fellowship | Trainer: Phil Thomas

My name is Tim, I am married to Samantha and we have 2 boys (Kai- 5 and Micah – 2).We have lived in Bundaberg, QLD for the last 8(ish) years… wondering where that time has gone!

Sammy and I are very thankful for the support we have and continue to receive; we appreciate very much how many people in many different ways have partnered with me in gospel work. I have learned a heap, often the hard way, but have seen and been aware of God’s guiding hand in and through all things. Praise God he uses ordinary men and women to share extraordinary great news!

In the role of an MTS apprentice, my desire is to be deliberate in sharing the Gospel with my Bundaberg community, especially in my role as Chaplain at the Burnett Youth Learning Centre. Not only more deliberate, but more competent. I want to learn how to ‘rightly handle the word of truth’ (2Tim2.15). I pray that by setting aside these two years to be ‘immersed’ (1Tim4.15) in these things, God would be glorified and that he would make clear the next steps for our family.

Prayer Points

*For the students at the Learning Centre, that they would come to know the love of Christ. For the students that are already engaging with the good news, that God would open their eyes to see Him, and that they would turn and treasure Him more than anything else in the world.* That my own heart would display this truth*For my Church family, that we would be encouraged and strengthened to do Gods work. *For my own family, as we face new challenges. That we would find Christ all sufficient. Please pray for my marriage, and for my boys, that I would know how to lovingly lead and cherish my family.

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