Thomas Cooper

Thomas Cooper

Thomas Cooper

$33,800.00 raised at 21 Oct 2021
20 month target at 21 Oct 2021 $46,434.78
23 month target $53,400.00

Trinity Chapel Macquarie | Trainer: Dan Anderson

I’ve had the blessing of growing up with so many examples of what a bold life lived for the sake of the gospel looks like. It never looks the same! I know that God is calling me to give him my best with my life and career, but I’m still working out what that means. That’s why I’ve applied and been accepted to an MTS traineeship at Trinity Chapel Macquarie in 2020. But I need your help.

Over the next two years, my trainer, Dan Anderson will teach me how to proclaim the gospel well, help me grow in my ability to support and lead ministry, and guide me in prayerfully considering further ministry, vocational or not. I am thankful for the opportunity to train under a wise, experienced, and God-fearing man.

Prayer Points

Always many things to pray for:

  • Its going to be a big year of growth and growth is often painful. So pray for the endurance and motivation to make the most of this opportunity to grow.
  • There is still a little of ambiguity about the ministries, I’ll be a part of so pray for wisdom and opportunity.

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