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$17,233.79 raised at 23 Jan 2020
12 month target at 23 Jan 2020 $18,000.00
24 month target $36,000.00

Rosemeadow-Appin Anglican Churches | Trainer: Brett Hall

About Me

As a child, I was brought up in a Catholic family and was because of that I always believed in God, but I didn’t really know or understand the gospel. It wasn’t until a teenager that I truly understood that I was a sinner, and that Jesus had died to save me. I have been married to Adam since 2012 and live at home with 2 dogs, a cat and A LOT of chickens. Adam and I have been attending Rosemeadow Anglican Church for the last couple of years, and now I feel privileged to do my apprenticeship there as well. I’ll be working on two main ministries while I do MTS. I’ll be running our playtime group for parents and children ages 0 – 5 and I’ll be working on a portfolio called Membership which is how, under God, we can help newcomers connect in to church and become regular members of our congregations.

Youth Group

We are in our final term of youth group and one of the traditions we have is doing water games with both youth group and kids klub. Part of the reason we do this is to encourage the year 6 kids to join us for youth group and gives them a chance to meet the youth group leaders and kids. It’s always a great day where we have lots of fun together.

We have also seen pretty exciting growth in some of our youth group kids over this year – praise God! It’s awesome to see how God is changing and growing the maturity of our youth group kids as they grow up into adults.


Playtime has been going well over the last couple of months! We have seen a significant surge in people attending which as been great! We are thankful for God for this growth! It’s starting to feel like we are settling down well into a pretty good routine for playtime which has also been good.

On a sadder note, we are only able to run bible study fortnightly rather than weekly this term. We are all about sad about this – but are thankful we get to live out one of our ministry philosophies – that we love people more than programs. It has also reminded me to keep trusting God even when things like this happen that are our of our control.

Vocational Bible College

I’m starting to get a bit sad as we enter the second half of this semester. Most of my classmates are in their second year of MTS and are finishing up their study with VBC this year while I finish my first year of MTS and am continuing studfy next year. It has been awesome getting to know them this year and being able to study the bible with people also training for ministry.

We have quite a lot of stuff due this term – please pray that I study well and am focused in the coming weeks.

Dates in October

  • 3rd November 19 – Our first extended church at Rosemeadow Anglican
  • 5th November 19 – Preaching at Wome’s guild (the monthly women’s service at Campbelltown Anglican)
  • 17th November 19 – Youth group and Kids Klub combined water games
  • 21st November 19 – Quiz Worx Scripture Assembly
  • 23rd November 19 –  preaching at Women’s evangelistic event at Campbelltown Anglican

Prayer Points

  1. Thank God for the opportunity I have to preach at Campbelltown Anglican in November. Please pray that I will prepare these talks diligently and that God speaks through me to bring people to him.
  2. Thank God for the youth and kids at Rosemeadow Anglican. Pray that are year 6 kids transition into youth well and that our year 12 kids study well for the HSC and transition well into adulthood in our church.
  3. Thank God for his word and the opportunity I’ve had to study it this last year. Pray that I can focus on my studies over the next month and use my time wisely.

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