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Stephen & Miriam Dallywater

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$22,030.18 raised at 6 Jul 2020
18 month target at 6 Jul 2020 $27,810.00
24 month target $37,080.00

Hunter Bible Church | Trainer: Dave Moore

Hi, I’m Stephen, I’m married to Mim. I love summer, going for skates with my dog and doing the weekend quiz with my wife at a cafe. Most of all I love Jesus.

I was blessed to have parents who taught and instructed me about God, who Jesus is and what he has done. As I have grown, being challenged by God’s Word and those who have pastored me, I have been convicted of the need to live for Jesus in everything that I do.

I am so excited (and a little nervous) about doing an MTS ministry apprenticeship with my local church in Newcastle. I am keen to be challenged and shaped by God’s Word to be more like Christ and to see how God will use me to grow his kingdom and bring glory to Himself.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for my faith, that I would continue to hold firm to the truths of the gospel, putting off sin and seeking to give glory to God in everything.
  • For our marriage, that it would be strengthened by God’s word. That we would continue to love sacrificially, remain faithful and look to serve Jesus as a couple.
  • For the students that live on campus at Newcastle University. That God would use me to see souls saved and grow those that trust in Jesus.
  • For the ministry teams that I lead, that I would do this faithfully and well and for the sake of Jesus.
  • That God would be growing me to be a faithful servant that longs to serve Him all my days.

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