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$9,649.96 raised at 3 Dec 2019
23 month target at 3 Dec 2019 $57,500.00
24 month target $60,000.00

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Bull Creek

I have been a tax accountant for about 6 years and I am married to my wife, Monica with one Bishon Frise and one baby girl – Mika! I became a Christian in through investigating the claims of Jesus through the bible and other resources that challenged my understanding of Christianity with my wife. Being raised as a catholic, it was challenging to see what the differences were and what the Bible taught.Over these years, I have realised the need for Jesus to be spread because it is only by having faith in Christ alone, we have eternal life through him and to be saved from the depths of our sin. Growing up, I knew God existed but didn’t have anything to do with us. However, once I started attending bible studies and simmering in the Gospel of Mark, it was clear that wasn’t true. God, the creator, loved us so much that he sent his only Son to die for our sins. From then on, I have wanted to know more about Christ as revealed to us in the Bible.

My apprenticeship has been a steep learning curve which has exposed me to various areas of the church life that has really challenged me and helped me to see how I could be of greater service to the body of Christ. This included helping out and teaching in sunday school, young adults bible studies, sharing the faith through Christianity Explored courses and building relationships from there, reading the bible with other men in groups or 1 to 1, studying various theological books that have helped me gain a deeper appreciation of Christianity, preaching training and practice, and there is much more that I have been part of. I have greatly appreciated having the time to really focus on learning as much as I can and I realise there is so much more to learn but to see the way the church operates has really helped me gain an understanding of how the church builds and equips the people of God to greater serve Him for His glory.

Prayer Points

Please pray for wisdom and guidance over these two years, that God may guide me to love Him more and guide me in my life. Please also pray in thanks for all in MTS, that as one body, we may continually spread God’s love to all.Please pray for my wife and daughter that we would lead her to know Christ and that as a Father, I would not lose focus on growing myself but to be growing my family to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus. Please also pray that we would have clarity on what the Lord has in stall for us in the future. It is something that we are still considering and working through, so we would greatly appreciate the Lord’s wisdom on what’s next.

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