Sarah Yem

Sarah Yem

Sarah Yem

$44,308.00 raised at 9 Aug 2022
19 month target at 9 Aug 2022 $40,375.00
24 month target $51,000.00

Naremburn Cammeray Anglican Church | Trainer: Talar Khatchoyan

Hi, I’m Sarah! I love reading, doing crafty things and teaching people about Jesus! I’m thankful to be able to do an MTS apprenticeship at NCA Church where I’m involved in kids ministry, youth group, hospital chaplaincy and reading the bible with young women. I love seeing people grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus and I pray that God will use me over the next year.

Prayer Points

Please pray that God will grow me in my love and trust of him, and that I may be trained to serve God for the rest of my life, whatever that may look like.

Please pray for the people of Naremburn and Cammeray, particularly the young people – that more people may come to love Jesus, and those who trust in him may love him more.

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