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Auburn Anglican Church | Trainer: Tim Cocks

We’re Sam and Danielle. We have many things in common including 1) we both got married in April 2018 (to each other); 2) our pasty skin colour; and most importantly, 3) the things we’re both most passionate in life is Jesus. We were both blessed to grow up learning about Jesus from our families, hearing that Jesus is the only way to be saved from our sin. Over the years, God has shown us more and more just how big a deal Jesus’ death and resurrection was, how great His grace is, and what it means that Jesus is King. We currently live in a suburb in Sydney called Auburn. Auburn is a multicultural suburb with a strong Islamic vibe (and great Afghan food!). We love being part of Auburn Anglican Church and seeing how beautiful it is to worship Jesus with people from many different nations. Prior to MTS, Sam was working with Sydney Trains as an electrical engineer (to which most people say “…cool.”), while Danielle was working as a midwife (to which most people say “Wow! How many babies have you delivered?!”). Sam’s hobbies include sipping on lattes at the beach and football, while Danielle is passionate about coastal walks and growing/drinking bacteria-fermented tea (also known as “kombucha”).

Over the next two year, we want to get equipped for our long-term goal of sharing the news of Jesus overseas with the least reached. We’ll be trained in sharing the gospel with people from different cultures, growing other believers in our church in maturity in Christ, and training others to serve Jesus across cultures. We will be mentored by our minister and his wife, Hugh and Jess Jonas. Sam will be doing MTS full-time, while Dani do MTS whilst working a day a week as a midwife. Above all, we want to come out of MTS loving and knowing Jesus more and being better equipped to serve Him.

Prayer Points

We’d love you to pray the following this for us: – Pray that we will come out of MTS knowing and loving Jesus more, having a character that looks more like His, and being better equipped to serve Him. -Ask that God will help us figure out what ministry looks like as a married couple. We envisage doing MTS as a married couple will be hard, so pray God would help us love each other well, communicate well, and give us wisdom as we navigate this big change in life. – Pray that MTS will be helpful for equipping us for our long-term goal of taking the gospel overseas to the least reached. – Thank God for the opportunity to take part in His mission to share the good news of Jesus to the lost.

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