Samuel Carless

Samuel Carless

Samuel Carless

$17,320.00 raised at 21 Oct 2021
21 month target at 21 Oct 2021 $22,750.00
24 month target $26,000.00

Hunter Bible Church

Newcastle boy, born and bred. Went to churches as a kid and called myself a Christian but it wasn’t until I got invited along to Uni church at Newcastle Uni that I learnt what it meant to be a Christian. To live life as a holy and pleasing sacrifice to God, which is my true and proper worship and this life that I now live is not my own but Christ’s who now lives and works in me. I can’t wait to see the ways God will grow me to be more like Christ and use me to grow His kingdom in its number and its maturity.

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for the good work that MTS is doing in multiplying gospel workers for future generations
  • Ask that God would humble me as I take on full time ministry
  • Pray that I would be bold in proclaiming Jesus

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