Rachel Bemmer

Rachel Bemmer

Rachel Bemmer

$62,170.00 raised at 28 Nov 2023
34 month target at 28 Nov 2023 $59,500.00
36 month target $63,000.00

NewHope Baptist Church Kellyville | Trainer: Gilbert Corr

Hey there! Thank you for empowering me to share the Good News!!
I have such a passion in working with kids. My desire to see kids for the kingdom has taken me to this spot. MTS will allow me to be thoughly and foundationally equipped in evey good work to advance the gosepl in the spaces and places God has got for me!

Prayer Points

Praise God for the opportunity to embake on this apprenticeship

Prayer for humility in all i do- may it be for God’s glory only

Prayer for wisdom and understanding in how to share Jesus in my community

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