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$37,008.04 raised at 10 Dec 2019
23 month target at 10 Dec 2019 $43,125.00
24 month target $45,000.00

Clovelly Anglican Church (St Luke’s) | Trainer: Dave Rogers

As an older apprentice I bring much life experience. Including over 9 year’s experience working in hospital social work. My brother, his godparents (who were my Sunday School teachers as a child), and a godly older sister in Christ in her 80s as well as Hope FM have all been significant in my faith journey. Prior to starting my apprenticeship I was an active member of the St Luke’s community for a number of years.

I am really grateful for the opportunity to train under Mark Taylor. I am blessed to continue to see how I can best use and grow my God given gifts and skills for God’s glory and to grow the kingdom. I enjoy working with people of all ages, stages and abilities. This year I will continue to work with little ones in our Preschool Kids Church and children in infants and primary school through Summer Kids Club and weekly after school ministries of Splash (K-2) and Fresh (Years 3-5). I’ll also continue to co-lead an evening Women’s Community Group (bible study) as well and offering one on one pastoral support and bible reading. New to my Apprenticeship this year is returning to the hospital that I previously worked at but in the capacity as a Volunteer Chaplain.

Prayer Points

– Praise God for sustaining me and growing me during my first year of my apprenticeship. – Praise God for the opportunity to do an apprenticeship. Also prayer for more people to partner with me in prayer and finances. – That I would fix my eyes on Jesus and remember why I am doing my apprenticeship: especially when busy or feeling overwhelmed. – That I would start the new year of college and ministry well: being organised and productive. – That I would help the first year students at Youthworks settle into the College community and study.

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