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$24,860.03 raised at 8 Oct 2019
9 month target at 8 Oct 2019 $16,125.00
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Albury Presbyterian Church | Trainer: Paul Sheely

I’m a 36 year old who came to know Jesus in 2016. I’m based in Albury/Wodonga.

Well six months into my apprenticeship (it has gone so quick) and I can safely say that I have learned more about who God is, what he has done and how he works in our lives than I had ever known.

Getting to do a lot of my ministry work kids (kids club, Sunday school and scripture) has been a wonderful challenge. I say this because it has been a huge learning place for me and yet has been so rewarding watching young people grow in their knowledge of Jesus.

The biggest areas of personal growth I have experienced is being apart of and leading growth groups and just meeting up people 1 to 1 to read the bible. This is such an underutilized resource that we have and we need to make sure that in our busy lives we are taking the time to meet with people read the bible and just do life.

As with everything there has been ups and downs. My time at the Steamers rugby union club has been a little bit disappointing with nothing really happening there and yet a Christianity explored that I’ve been running has produced wonderful fruit with a lady wanting to be baptized to show her new faith! Praise the Lord!

Well I hope this little bit of information is helpful and gives an in-site into what it is like being an MTS apprentice.

Prayer Points

That I speak the truth of the gospel.

That I can help people grow in their faith.

That I lead by example to the young people that I minister to.

That I use my time productively.

That my character represents someone who is trying to be more Christ like.

That I can help my non-Christian family come to know Jesus.

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