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Albury Presbyterian Church | Trainer: Paul Sheely

I’m a 36 year old who came to know Jesus in 2016. I’m based in Albury/Wodonga at Albury Presbyterian Churches with Paul Sheely as my trainer.

Well I’m nearly finished the first twelve months of my apprenticeship and I’ve found some time to reflect on what has happened.

Some basic info about the kind of ministries that I’ve been involved in so far is:

Our Friday afternoon kids club (Primary school aged kids)

Scripture teaching at Thurgoona Public School

Sunday School teaching at one of our morning services and creche at our night service

Growth Group leading

1 to 1 bible reading

Running Christianity Explored and Discipleship Explored courses

Hosting and doing ministry spots at our night service

Chaplaincy at the Albury Wodonga Steamers rugby club

Certificate of Theology studies

and other stuff.

God has taught me so much this year, and I feel like patience has been one of the biggest areas I’ve grown in. While dealing with people everyday and sinful people at that (including me). I’ve had to learn that people change their mind don’t turn up and can be difficult at times and God has taught me to be patient and loving and look at the big picture.

Walking along side my uncle while going through cancer really brought to the forefront of mind about the urgency we have in sharing the gospel. I’m the only Christian in my family so I have a mission field right in front of me. I have also learnt that sometimes it’s not what we say to people about God or Jesus, it’s how we act around them and by through that we can lead people to Christ.

Learning to serve people without grumbling is also another way we can lead people to Jesus. In a world that is all about “me”, when we serve others without asking for anything in return or grumbling people notice and ask questions as to why.

So please serve the lord with all you’ve got!

Well I don’t want to ramble to much but I do want to say thank you.

Thank you to God for this opportunity

Thank you to all those people that support me through prayer and financial giving!

Well I hope this little bit of information is helpful and gives an in-site into what it is like being an MTS apprentice.

Prayer Points

That I speak the truth of the gospel.

That I can help people grow in their faith.

That I lead by example to the young people that I minister to.

That I understand urgency in sharing about Jesus.

That I lead by example when I don’t have the words.

That I use my time productively.

That my character represents someone who is trying to be more Christ like.

That I can help my non-Christian family come to know Jesus.

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