Naomi Robertson

Naomi Robertson

Naomi Robertson

$26,557.50 raised at 21 Oct 2021
21 month target at 21 Oct 2021 $28,875.00
24 month target $33,000.00

Hunter Bible Church

Hi! I’m Naomi and I’m married to Marcus. I grew up in the small country town of Quirindi, and moved to Newcastle in 2014 for Uni. Over the past year I have been working as an Occupational Therapist, and am now preparing to start MTS in 2020! I grew up in a christian family, with parents who taught me that Jesus is our saviour and died and rose again to bring us into a relationship with God. Over the years God has been growing me in my love and knowledge of Him, and I’m keen for this to continue. I’m also excited to be able to help others grow in their relationship with Christ as I have a crack at MTS.

Prayer Points

  • Give thanks that I am able to be freed up to do full time ministry with my church through MTS
  • Pray that as I finish up at work i’ll be able to continue to talk to my colleagues about Jesus
  • Pray for my husband Marcus as he finishes MTS this year and looks for a full time job, that he’ll find one and work out what ministry for him looks like next year
  • Pray that I will trust Jesus as I start MTS and that he will use me to glorify his name and grow his kingdom here in Newcastle

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