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$26,440.00 raised at 20 Aug 2019
7 month target at 20 Aug 2019 $16,333.33
24 month target $56,000.00

St Paul’s Anglican Church, Carlingford & North Rocks | Trainer: Naomi Lawson

I’m starting off the year trying a lot of new things!I’ll be leading one Growth Group of Night Church members and another of Morning Church Women. I’ll also be involved in Kids Ministry for the first time. I’ll be spending time with yrs K-2 and working through the Old Testament for the majority of the year.I’ll be involved with our church’s Membership and Maturity teams as well as meeting with a number of people 1-2-1 to read the Bible.


Prayer Points

Please thank God – for time spent with good friends! – for the people who work behind the scenes to make church happen.- for the G8 Conference and for the connections made with other MTSers. Please pray that I would continue in the core convictions I’ve was reminded of at G8. Please pray – for ministries starting this month- that relationships with co-leaders and group members would form easily and be mutually encouraging- that my trust will be in God alone!

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