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Full Time Theological Student

I committed to Jesus when I was at University after years of not really knowing what a Christian was and living a double life. I am studying full time at Queensland Theological College, while serving as a student minister at Christ Central Presbyterian. I am married to the beautiful Sarah and we are expecting our first baby in December!

I had the privilege of doing an apprenticeship at 2 Churches Vine Church, Surry Hills and EV Church, Erina. Right now though I am studying a Masters in Divinity at Queensland Theological College and am preparing for long term ministry in South East Queensland. I’m also serving as Mission Pastor (theoretically 1.5 days a week) at Christ Central Presbyterian.You can financially support me tax deductible while I’m at college, which is much appreciated especially with our baby coming!

Prayer Points

Give thanks we are settling in well to QLD. Making some good connections with our neighbours and Church has been fantastic. I’ve especially connected. Give thanks that there have been loads of ministry opportunities and the church has been on board with desiring to grow in. Give thanks for our baby! All is good so far. Pray that 10 people would put their trust in Jesus. Pray for Micah – a guy I’ve been catching up with and reading the bible with. Micah has returned to church after a few years in the wilderness. Pray that he would put his trust in Jesus. Pray that I can get the right balance between ministry and study. Pray that our baby would keep growing stronger and come to put their trust in Jesus. And that we would use this new chapter of our life as parents to connect with more people for the Gospel.

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