Michael O’Sullivan

Michael O'Sullivan

Michael O'Sullivan

$27,656.00 raised at 21 Sep 2021
7 month target at 21 Sep 2021 $16,739.13
23 month target $55,000.00

Trinity Chapel Macquarie | Trainer: Elizabeth Strachan

Hey my name is Mickey!

I am so excited for this opportunity that God has placed in front of me! I grew up in Armidale and recently finished a Business Degree at Macquarie University. During my degree I lived on campus at Dunmore Lang College, living among 250+ students, the majority of which did not know Jesus. God used this experience quite profoundly and during this time gave me many close friendships and numerous opportunities to share my faith with those around me. God used this time to develop my ability to relate to students, create meaningful relationships and share Jesus.

I have now been given the opportunity to do MTS through Robert Menzies College, the Christian college on Macquarie University campus. Under the guidance of Lily Strachan the college Chaplain, I’ll be living in the college, sharing meals and developing relationships with the students. I will be in a position where I will have the time and resources to invest in students, to get alongside them, to open the bible and to wrestle with God’s word in their lives.

Although the college is a Christian college, many students living there don’t know and trust Jesus. In order for me to serve in this way, I will need your support – financially and most importantly through prayer. For I know it is not through my efforts but through God working in me and God opening people’s hearts, that the students at college might come to a knowledge of Jesus and put their trust in Him.

Thank you for your partnership in spreading God’s life-saving Gospel!

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the new and existing students living at Robert Menzies College – that God might open their hearts to Jesus.
  • Pray for me and the other leaders at college – that we would continue to look to Christ for strength and that He would use us as instruments to bring others to a knowledge of Himself.
  • Pray that God might use this MTS apprenticeship in order to better equip me for serving Him.

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