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$58,799.50 raised at 3 Dec 2019
22 month target at 3 Dec 2019 $54,521.74
23 month target $57,000.00

All Saints’ Anglican Church, Moree | Trainer: Phil Brown

Hi! My name is Michael, I am 31 years old and I live in Moree NSW. I am married to Kietta; we have three wonderful kids. Our family loves Jesus and we want to share Him with everyone! Together, as a family, we love to serve God in every opportunity He gives us.I enjoy fishing, cake and astronomy. Dusty books and quite reading rooms are a special (and rare) treat.

I teach SRE, operate in church ministry and several other para-church ministries.I think God for His grace and mercy, and the opportunity i have via MTS to spend all my time working for His Glory.MTS is equipping me for gospel ministry moving forward, it has been a very real honour to spend this time learning and serving.

Prayer Points

– 13% of Moree to become followers of Jesus – Strength and energy to show the love of Jesus to all in the community – Grow as a Husband and Father, and as a son of God.

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