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$19,976.57 raised at 10 Dec 2019
11 month target at 10 Dec 2019 $23,833.33
24 month target $52,000.00

MBM, Rooty Hill | Trainer: Lynette Cain

Thankful and Hopeful in the One who is mighty to save!

The goal for the next 2 years is to see me grow in the areas of conviction, character & competency; equipped for a lifetime of gospel ministry. This has looked like;

*youth ministry

*scripture teaching (local high & primary schools)

*leading women’s bible studies for new or not yet believers

*oversight of ‘Ministry’ purpose area for MBM’s 6PM service

*theological study, being mentored & trained for ministry work

to hear more frequent updates, progress and prayer requests – follow this link:

Prayer Points

*Thank the Lord with me for this awesome opportunity to minister FULL TIME! Please pray that this experience will grow me in ability & character.

*Please pray that I will be wise and kind in my leadership & teaching of God’s word.

Thanks heaps for your prayerful and/or financial partnership with me!

*May our partnership continue to see God’s gospel transform many lives for His glory and our joy.

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