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$14,323.29 raised at 20 Aug 2019
7 month target at 20 Aug 2019 $15,166.67
24 month target $52,000.00

MBM, Rooty Hill | Trainer: Lynette Cain

Here are the best things to know about me. *I have been saved by an amazing grace.* In 2015, at the ripe age of 22 and by Gods mercy, I came to recognise the universal need we each have for a saviour; and that Gods answer to this was in the person of Jesus Christ. Convinced of this truth I committed my life to Jesus and to telling others of the complete forgiveness and promised eternal life that is only found in Him. Right now, this has taken the form of a ministry training apprenticeship.

The ultimate goal of this full time Apprenticeship is to see me grow in the areas of conviction, character and competency; to equip me for a lifetime of ministry.This looks like **heading up the ‘Ministry’ purpose area for the 6PM young adult service **part time theological study **youth leading on Fridays and Sundays **scripture teaching (SRE) at local primary and high schools **regular 1to1 discipleship meet ups **and joining the EC Women’s connect group also at MBM. **#GOALS to co-lead a small group of young adults into 2020.

Prayer Points

*Please join me in asking God to bring many into a saving faith or maturing of faith through the ministry of MTSers all over Australia. That our work would not be in vain. **Please pray for the strengthening of my own character, conviction and competency throughout these two ministry-intensive years.***Please pray that I will recognise & make the most of every ministering opportunity, speaking the gospel clearly and in sincere love.*Praise God for your partnership in seeing the gospel go out in Western Sydney & disciples made for life, to the glory of God!

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