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$10,575.00 raised at 6 Jul 2020
6 month target at 6 Jul 2020 $7,750.00
24 month target $31,000.00

St Mark’s Anglican Church, West Wollongong | Trainer: Peter Hutchinson

Hi all! I’m Meagan and I am so keen to be a part of MTS over the next two years!
A little about me – I love theatre, music, cats and God. I recently got married too, so that’s pretty great.

I would love if you could consider helping me through this time via financial support.

Prayer Points

  • Married life is pretty new to me and Michael
  • COVID-19 has changed a lot of things around here, but also so thankful to have new ways to connect with our families and different groups!
  • That I would be able to focus on God speaking into my life

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