Mathew Gillespie

Mathew Gillespie

Mathew Gillespie

Theological Student

I was a pharmacist convicted that my patients, despite the best health advice and medication, would die and go to hell if they didn’t hear the gospel and entrust their life to Jesus. I’ve now been freed up to focus full time on speaking the gospel, teaching the Bible and training people up in following Jesus. For preparation to do this long term, after completing my MTS apprenticeship, I am studying a Bachelor of Divinity at Moore Theological College in Sydney. In January 2020 I married Josephine, who also completed a MTS apprenticeship. We are both keen on people hearing the gospel and working together as husband and wife to build up God’s Kingdom.

Prayer Points


  • Thank God for restful holidays in late June and early July
  • Please ask God to give Jo wisdom in managing her multiple spheres of responsibility e.g. Christian, Spouse, Health, Family, Friends, Church & Work
  • Please ask God to give us both contentment with our current circumstances and limitations
  • Please ask God to help Mat continue to adapt to team based learning and mind broadening study of Old Testament 1 at College

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