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$29,440.04 raised at 3 Dec 2019
23 month target at 3 Dec 2019 $38,333.33
24 month target $40,000.00

Hunter Bible Church | Trainer: David Robertson

I’m Marcus. I’m 23. Having spent the first 11 years of my life in the Inner West of Sydney, my family moved to Newcastle in 2006, and since 2007 I’ve been a part of Hunter Bible Church. Jesus saved me in 2008, showing me that I needed a saviour, and that he was the only one who could fulfill that need. I love music and Pro-Wrestling (Yes. We all know it’s fake.) One day, I would like to be in a pop-punk band or be a wrestling champion. I’m working on both…

My apprenticeship will run from Jan 2018-Dec 2019, being trained by David Robertson. (My former youth group leader!) I’ll be working with University Students at the University of Newcastle’s new campus in Newcastle’s CBD, working to grow God’s kingdom there. I’ll also be working with even more uni students, helping them to serve Jesus with their whole lives.

Prayer Points

The new City Campus at university needs to hear the gospel! My prayer is that God would use me and other students to spread the awesome news to them that Jesus is Lord. At the moment, I’m finding this hard because there is a lot of business that can keep me away from the campus physically and mentally. Pray that I would organise my time well there, and that I’d do a great job of supporting students as they evangelise their friends.

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