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$26,250.00 raised at 20 Aug 2019
19 month target at 20 Aug 2019 $24,586.90
21 month target $27,175.00

Epping Presbyterian Church VIC | Trainer: Nello Barbieri

I’m married to Sven and we live with our two cats, Poe and Rey. I studied Art and Literature at Deakin University, and love to read, write and make art! I also love playing RPG video games, cooking Korean food and collecting makeup. I grew up in a loving Christian family, and made a commitment to Christ at a very young age. Since then, I have had a life of growing into my faith and facing the battles that come with it. I have been blessed with many wise mentors in my faith, both young and old, male and female, and pray that I can help others in this too!

After I finished my Bachelor degree at university, I was considering prayerfully what to do next! My minister, Nello, encouraged me to challenge myself with a traineeship that would better equip me for serving in God’s Kingdom, as well as developing my own character in personal godliness. I will be taking on a couple more ministries at Epping in addition to my current ones, as well as reading and thinking hard with my theology units!

Prayer Points

Please pray for: 1. consistency, patience and grace as I am led, lead others and learn 2. my physical and mental health as I take on my new roles 3. my trainer, Nello, and the leadership at my church 4. my family, as they support me in this new stage of life

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