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$23,086.00 raised at 27 Mar 2020
14 month target at 27 Mar 2020 $28,766.50
24 month target $49,314.00

The Point Community Church, Port Macquarie | Trainer: Steve Covetz

I’m 20, from the Sunshine Coast and enjoy surfing and Ninja Warrior training. Prior to MTS I was worked at an Anglican School, lead a youth group, taught the primary and middle school christian education classes, helped lead the senior and junior school chapels and assisted in running the school out door recreation camps. I also served at The Anglican Church of Noosa running the youth church there.

A few of my responsibilities include: leading the junior youth group and youth church, (grades 6-8), lots of 1:1 catch ups, studying the MTS program as well as a few subjects of theology.

Prayer Points

Time management, Quick connection’s made with the youth, More youth leaders, For Youth to go as planned each night

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