Izaak Reiher

Izaak Reiher

Izaak Reiher

$43,571.70 raised at 21 Oct 2021
20 month target at 21 Oct 2021 $47,826.09
23 month target $55,000.00

Summerleas Christian Church | Trainer: Dave Lynch

Hi! I’m really keen to do the MTS apprenticeship in 2020-2021 so that I can set a great foundation for my ministry! I really love working with kids and have a serious passion for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Thanks for considering to support me!

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Prayer Points

Praise God that I made it home early so that I can have a break from the crazy camp life and just spend time with family until the apprenticeship starts!

Prayer for my energy throughout the 2 years can stay high would be much appreciated 🙂

Please pray for the future youth in the church, that the kids can really be impacted!

And prayer for my own maturity and growth would be great too.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my prayer points!!

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