Isaac Walters

Isaac Walters

Isaac Walters

$76,524.33 raised at 5 Dec 2023
23 month target at 5 Dec 2023 $70,916.67
24 month target $74,000.00

Tuggeranong Presbyterian Church | Trainer: Jack Batchen

Hey, I’m Isaac and I’m very keen to serve through this apprenticeship opportunity with Tuggeranong Presbyterian Church.

I’m a 19-year-old who the Lord has been changing quite rapidly over the past year or two, in regards to conviction, repentance, and faith. Seeing the impact of faithful gospel workers in both my and others’ lives has led me to realise the importance of serving in gospel ministry. God’s transforming love and patience astounds me, and others need to hear about who can set them free! Over this past year I have been praying about how God wants to use me, with MTS being an option presented by both my pastors and Christian role models around me. Being involved with serving God in a few ways this year, I saw MTS as an awesome way to get ministry experience, regardless of where God takes me afterward. Whether I end up in vocational ministry or not, I believe I will learn a range of skills and lessons which can be used to be salt and light wherever I go.

Looking at how my pastors have planned this ministry apprenticeship, I’m excited to learn new ways to serve God faithfully and engagingly, with hopefully many coming closer to, or coming to Christ.




Prayer Points

Some prayer points (which would be so appreciated):

  • That I can trust the LORD and His understanding completely (not to rely on myself, to humble myself before God daily)
  • That I stay in a close relationship with God always, serving faithfully
  • For my pastors (and trainers), Jack and Dave  to not be overwhelmed and to remain faithful
  • For many in Canberra to know Christ
  • That I will allow Christ into every area of my life, to reflect Him and glorify God.

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