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$37,144.00 raised at 6 Jul 2020
17 month target at 6 Jul 2020 $35,478.26
23 month target $48,000.00

St Barnabas Anglican Church, Croydon SA | Trainer: Ben Woodd

I grew up in a Christian home. However, by the end of high school, although I believed in God, I was still living my own way. A significant turning point for me was just after I finished high school, when I heard a sermon on Psalm 24, about Jesus as the King of glory. God opened my eyes to see that Jesus is Lord over all, so my whole life belongs to Him. Since then, He has been at work to grow me in living His way, in understanding His grace, and to see how He is transforming this world, and how He calls me to be part of His work so that all people would know Jesus as their King too. I trained as a physiotherapist at Uni SA, graduating in 2014. I then worked for four years in a private practice, before making the decision to undertake a ministry apprenticeship.

This apprenticeship is a training role and its purpose is to equip me to serve God’s people and the wider community both now and in the future. My wife and I feel God is calling us to cross-cultural work overseas in the future, serving others through our work as health professionals, as well as being witnesses to Jesus and the gospel in all of life. Following this apprenticeship I plan to return to physio work as that is an important ministry and I want to use that alongside serving the local church. With that future in mind, my training will focus on both study and practical ministry, including: preaching at St Barnabas and partnering churches; evangelism in the local community; cross-cultural understanding and experience (I will be involved in running “Barneys International Cafe” – a weekly English class for new arrivals and migrants); leading a gospel community group at St Barnabas; assisting in children’s ministry; involvement in the music/arts both within church and in the community; and working with students through Evangelical Students (ES) at Uni SA. Underpinning all this, I want the next two years to be a time which strengthens my relationship with Jesus, grows me in prayer, and equips me with skills to serve Him in all of life.

Prayer Points

Your partnership in prayer is vital and appreciated. Please pray: for God to be glorified through this apprenticeship // that He would be at work in me and through me to transform me and draw many others to Himself // that I would be motivated by God’s grace and love for His people and His world // that I would be faithful in prayer, abiding in Jesus and being led by His Spirit // that I would grow in discipline, organisation and resilience // for St Barnabas and the surrounding community to grow and be changed by God’s power

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