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$23,499.84 raised at 30 Nov 2020
22 month target at 30 Nov 2020 $23,833.33
24 month target $26,000.00

St John’s Anglican Church, Wilberforce | Trainer: Barry McAlister

My name is Hayden Lindley I’m the Lay Minister of St John’s Anglican Church Wilberforce and I am currently in my second year at Youthworks College. I’m heavily involved in the youth ministry of the church running bible studies, youth group and 1 to 1 discipleship. I’m looking forward to seeing how God grows me through the year as a faithful servant and minister of His Word through minsitry and college.

Prayer Points

  1. That people would be motivated to give to the ministry at our church through the MTS program or giving to the offertry.
  2. That God would be calling those in Wilberforce to a repentant saving faith.
  3. That God would be at work through the minstry teams at the Wilberforce Church to and that they would be producing good works in accordance with faith.
  4. That my time at college would be fruitful and beneficial to the kingdom growing work in Wilberforce.

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