Hamish Sullivan

Hamish Sullivan

Hamish Sullivan

$57,790.00 raised at 21 Oct 2021
21 month target at 21 Oct 2021 $61,250.00
24 month target $70,000.00

Chester Hill Anglican Church | Trainer: Paul Webb

Hello all. I am Hamish. I am married to a beautiful wife called Priscilla, and we both live in the lovely suburb in Guildford in South-West Sydney for the past 2 & a half years. I use to work as a ward nurse at Westmead Adults Hospital, and my wife now works as an eye clinic nurse at Westmead Adults Hospital during the week. In our spare time, we love doing things like meeting up with friends, going to the beach, watching tv shows, playing and watching sport (well only me actually).

We started at the beginning of 2020, I’ll be continuing working full time as a MTS ministry apprenticeship with Chester Hill Anglican Church, which has been our home church since May 2018. This church is a multicultural hub with many different types of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, which presents so much opportunity to grow and be equipped in the work of gospel. The heart of our church is to see people of all nations giving glory to God through Jesus, where we want to see brothers and sisters being equipped to read and understand God’s word, growing into multiplying networks of disciple makers throughout Chester Hill and furthermore. Along with my trainer Paul Webb (Senior Pastor at Chester Hill Anglican), I am keen to get alongside the CHAC team and be apart and see how God continues to grow disciples that make disciples and to be apart of his work in Chester Hill and surrounding areas as part of Gods kingdom.

My wife Priscilla & I both pray that God will continue to grow and equip one another for the work of his kingdom and continue to grow our heart for overseas missional work and the work of the gospel.

We hope that if you support us both prayerfully and financially, we hope that you know you’ll be supporting the not only us but the work of the gospel here in Chester Hill, seeing lost people being saved the saving grace of Jesus Christ and seeing brothers and sisters of many nations being equipped to do the work of the gospel.

Prayer Points

– That we continue to have our eyes fixated on Jesus and his work set before us

– That we would be encouraging and equipping others for the work of the gospel

– That both my wife and I would continue to invest and support one another during these next 2 years

– Prayer that in God’s will that the financial support would be raised in order that we can do God’s work to the full extent

– God would continue to equip and raise indigenous leaders in our church so that we can make disciples that make disciples

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