Georgia Beikoff

Georgia Beikoff

Georgia Beikoff

$37,411.00 raised at 21 Sep 2021
20 month target at 21 Sep 2021 $37,070.00
24 month target $44,484.00

Hunter Bible Church

I grew up in Lake Macquarie and started attending Hunter Bible Church (HBC) when I was 19. That year, by the grace of our Saviour, I came to know and love Jesus as my King. Since then, I graduated at the University of Newcastle, completing a degree in primary teaching and have been teaching Kindergarten in Dubbo for the last two years.
I have thoroughly loved growing and serving Christ throughout being at HBC and now in Dubbo. He has definitely shown me that finding our identity in Jesus is hands down the best thing ever!
Heading into MTS for 2020/2021 will be a massive change for me, but I am excited to see how God will further equip me in serving His people and sharing the greatest news of Jesus!
During MTS, my week may look like it will be filled with meeting up with women to read the Bible, leading kids club/church, coordinating church events and meeting up with my trainers (Ellee Jeffrees and Andrew Horsefield) and fellow apprentices.

Prayer Points

First and foremost, that I keep trusting God, that I turn to Him and His Word in every season. Thank him for the grace, goodness and guidance God has shown me throughout making the decision to do MTS.
Pray that I will finish here in Dubbo well, especially at my workplace and church. There are many things in terms of logistics that I need to get sorted. Ask that God will help me be organised with my time and productive throughout the busyness of school and preparing for the move back to Newcastle/getting ready for MTS.
Pray that I rest well once I’ve finished the school term, over Christmas and New Years. The turn around is quite quick and knowing me, I find it hard to ‘be still’. Pray that God will give people generous hearts to prayerfully and/or financially support me. Pray for the people of Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, that they will come to know and love Jesus!

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