Fiona Thomson

Fiona Thomson

Fiona Thomson

$29,875.00 raised at 25 May 2022
16 month target at 25 May 2022 $32,234.67
24 month target $48,352.00

Hunter Bible Church | Trainer: Jenny Jefferys

I grew up in Armidale and after finishing high school, moved to Newcastle to study Primary Teaching. I then joined Hunter Bible Church’s unichurch service and I grew a lot in my knowledge and love of God and was trained, supported and encouraged to serve God with my whole life. After finishing uni, I worked for 3 years as a Primary School Teacher in a Christian school and loved it. I loved having such an important impact on the lives of children and being able to share the message of Jesus freely with my students and their families. I have decided to do MTS to be trained for a lifetime of gospel ministry, and so I can be the most effective follower and sharer of Christ whatever that may look like in the future.

Prayer Points

  • Thank God for this wonderful opportunity to be trained practically in making disciples
  • Pray that I would continually depend on God personally and in all my ministry areas
  • Pray that God would work through me to bring people to know and trust the life giving work of Jesus and bring them into right relationship with him
  • Pray that God would be equipping me and preparing me for what lies ahead in my apprenticeship

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