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$18,149.96 raised at 3 Dec 2019
23 month target at 3 Dec 2019 $57,500.00
24 month target $60,000.00

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Bull Creek | Trainer: Craig Newill

Hi, my name is Esther Sohn and I am in my second year of MTS. Before the apprenticeship, I did an undergraduate in science, specifically in double major psychology. I decided to do the MTS apprenticeship as it was an opportunity given to me at the right time. Christ’s love for humanity was the underlying reason why I had chosen to do psychology at university, and doing further studies in psychology is still a passion however the same reasoning also underlies my heart and passion for potentially doing full-time ministry, which is why I have decided to do MTS. Some of my other interests involve people, coffee, counselling and food.

This opportunity will allow me to test my potential gifts for full time ministry and will give direction in whether to serve God through full-time ministry or serve God in a different way. Some of the ministries I am involved in include, Youth Group, Small group bible study, pastoral care, and various one-to-ones.

Prayer Points

-Clarity and understanding of scripture to help in teaching/helping others to understand scripture-Growth and understanding of God’s love through Christ-that God will continue to work his Holy Spirit to teach me his love for me and how to love the people he has blessed me with-Praise God for the opportunity given to serve Christ and the body of Christ-Always doing life for the glory of our amazing and powerful Father, Saviour and Creator. Thank you Lord Jesus!

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