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Bathurst Presbyterian Church | Trainer: Clare Merkel

I’m originally from Gunnedah, now living in Bathurst NSW. I’m married to Ryan, who is a High School Mathematics and Christian Studies teacher at Scots All Saints College in Bathurst. I graduated university in Bathurst, 2017 with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary Teaching). I now work part time at Elizabeth Chifley Presbyterian Preschool, and I absolutely love it. My other interests are children’s ministry, playing flute, watching chick flicks and anything to do with tea.

MTS-MTW is a relatively new branch of MTS which focuses on training in Women’s Ministry. Here’s a glimpse of a typical week for me. Sunday – my study day. This is where I do assignments and readings and all that fun stuff. It also doubles as a catch-up day to help try and stay on top of things. Mondays – my prep days. I meet with my trainer, Clare, for 2.5 hours in the morning then spend the rest of the day doing Bible Study prep, writing the Kids4Jesus program, going to meetings as needed, and doing anything else that pops up. Five times a semester a head to Christ College in Burwood and listen to a lectures on different aspects of Women’s Ministry with Carmelina Read. I love Burwood days, although I always leave with a sore brain and a lot more thinking to do – it’s great! Tuesdays – my Practical Ministry Days. I spend my mornings co-leading a Women’s daytime Bible Study group. In the afternoons I meet with as many of my one-to-one’s as I can fit – which is usually about 3. Reading the Bible one-to-one is such an encouraging thing and is definitely the one of the things I love doing most in my apprenticeship. I love learning, being challenged and growing together alongside the Women I meet with. Wednesdays and Saturdays are my days off. Thursdays and Fridays I’m an Assistant Teacher at Elizabeth Chifley Presbyterian Preschool.

Prayer Points

I’ve been really challenged this year by just how proud I am. Please pray that I would continue to trust God in all things instead of taking pride in my own abilities. Prayer that I would be more willing to go out of my comfort zone for the sake of the gospel e.g meeting and investing in people, and trying new things. Prayer for Ryan and I that we would continue to love each other well, particularly in times when we’re busy or stressed. That God would use me to bring people to know Jesus and grow in their love and knowledge of him; and that through all this that God would be glorified.

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