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$11,030.00 raised at 10 Dec 2019
11 month target at 10 Dec 2019 $11,055.00
12 month target $12,060.00

St Phillip’s Anglican Church, Caringbah | Trainer: Eric Cheung

I love Jesus and helping people, particularly young people, discover and explore who he is and all he’s done for them. At one stage in life I thought I was going to be a paramedic, however after completing uni God slowly drew me back to study, so now I spend half my week studying at college and living at home on the North Shore and the other half of my week living and doing ministry in the Shire. I love resting in God’s creation and sunrise, sunset and people watching at the beach. Despite being a non-coffee drinker, I love sitting in a cafe reading a good book. I love jamming out on guitar (or keys or drums or bass or ukulele or anything else I can get my hands on, they’re all fun). I love having this opportunity to get involved in ministry in this way, particularly thinking strategically about ministry with families, and gaining greater understanding of ministry. And most of all I love sharing life and faith by getting alongside young people and supporting them as they grow in maturity and relationship with Christ.

I am a student at Youthworks College and have the blessing of learning more about God and how to share him with others every week. Then for the second half of the week I get to put what I’m learning into practice as I get stuck into ministry in Caringbah. My focus area is primarily kid’s ministry, with particular oversight of our kid’s club, but I’ve also got the opportunity to get alongside many young women as they travel through high school and find their feet post school. This looks like teaching scripture lessons, leading the afternoon kids club, leading at Friday night youth, leading at Sunday morning kids program, serving in band, getting involved in community outreach and whatever else I can have a go at. I’m so grateful for the array of training opportunities this year, with my trainer Eric, through MTS events, college and other training sessions with the kid’s ministry team at church.

Prayer Points

Prayer for my personal faith, as well as skill and leadership development would be greatly appreciated as I seek to glorify God and point others to him. The afternoon kid’s club I’m leading is a really exciting opportunity as it’s only recently undergone a relaunch and there are heaps of super keen and young leaders serving, so please pray that God would equip me to lead this team well, that the team would faithfully disciple those God entrusts to us, and that the kids may grow in maturity and number. Finally I ask that you pray I make the most of the amazing opportunities God sets before me as I grow and am challenged through the year, and in all this that I may faithfully disciple others and glorify him.

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