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$24,090.04 raised at 10 Dec 2019
23 month target at 10 Dec 2019 $35,351.00
24 month target $36,888.00

Brighton Rockdale Anglican Churches | Trainer: Andrew Byran

Currently, I along with a group of people attend church every Saturday for Karaoke. Majority of those who attend are from Indonesian background. I brought them along to church to join the choir. Many people were already Christians but a lot of people brought friends who are not. We sing together and share our experiences on how God helps our day to day lives and how he helps us deal with our troubles. We also spend time together and share food.

This opportunity to meet has started great friendships. Two of the attendees are Muslim women. Both women feel comfortable within the church & they enjoy the connection and interaction. They have both decided to learn more about the Lord and plan to be baptised. When you believe and put all your trust in Jesus as our Lord, The Holy Spirit will guide you to do all the right things and life will never be the same. He will forgive your sins and provide you with eternal life. For this I am so grateful & honoured to be a part of these ladies new eternal life.

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