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$3,000.00 raised at 11 Jan 2021
22 month target at 11 Jan 2021 $48,000.00
22 month target $48,000.00

Christ Community Church | Trainer: Peter Bradbury

Hey. My name is Dan and I’m a child of God, because of the grace of Jesus Christ. I certainly wasn’t born this way. I grew up in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. I used to find my satisfaction in music, alcohol and the approval of my friends; I didn’t want or love God. Understandably, I was under his displeasure. But 2000 years ago, God decided that he loved sinners like me, so he came down in human flesh and gave up his life in our place. Over the years, God brought people into my life, to share this great news with me, that Jesus had died in my place, that I could be reconciled back to him. I started reading about Jesus in his word written in the Bible, and how God has forgiven all my sins to initiate a relationship with me. I’m not sure where and I’m not sure when, but now I’ve been born again. Now I am reconciled back to God and I get to enjoy him for all eternity! He is the greatest being in the universe and now I want to spend my time declaring this good news so more people can hear about his great glory.

I am an apprentice at Christ Community Church in Toowong, where a tiny portion of our global family in Christ meets up weekly to worship God. The church’s vision statement is to ‘enjoy and declare the wonders of God’s grace in Christ for the good of Brisbane, Australia & the world’. I am passionate about doing this apprenticeship because I love enjoying God and would love to see his grace declared to more people. I’m hoping that God will do this throughout my week as I spend my time in 1:1 ministry, discipleship, evangelism, leading teams at church, and serving at Indooroopilly State High School.

Prayer Points

I would love if you could join me in prayer for a few things: that God would assist me in my studies, to know him through his word and to pass on the Gospel with sound teaching; that God would continue growing me to be like him, to be like his Son Jesus; that God would help me grow in service and humility, with a passion for his glory; that God would be active in our church community to mature and equip his disciples, that their joy would overflow into multiplication; that God would spread the Gospel throughout Brisbane and work through that to save more people from sin and death; that God would raise up more labourers from Brisbane to take the good news of Christ to the nations who have not heard. If you would like prayer for something, or if you would like a chat or have any questions, please feel free to email me!

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