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Full Time Theological Student

I became a Christian in my second year out of university, while working in Taree. I had always known OF God, but didn’t have much time or thought for Him. Through going to a bible study and church in Taree, and then moving to Hunter Bible Church a couple of years later, I’ve had my eyes opened to God’s glorious character and I’ve become more and more convicted that we are created to know and love our Lord and Saviour.

I’m so excited to be freed up for 40 hours of my week to meet up with people at HBC with our PM congregation. I hope to help PM women grow to have hearts more like Jesus’. Day to day, I’ll be reading the bible one-to-one with other women at HBC, co-leading a mixed bible study group and a women’s bible group, teaching/taming a Year 1 Scripture classes, and helping new and regular church members join and be part of the HBC family. I’ll also get opportunities to preach at our women’s conferences and Youth Group. I’m excited to see how God challenges me and changes me to have a heart more like His.

Prayer Points

Taking the step to leave my full-time job in Occupational Therapy to do full-time ministry has been a massive decision. Please join me in this new adventure for the next two years, and for the rest of my life, through your prayerful and financial support. Prayer points: for my family and friends to see how God works in my life and theirs//for trust in God’s strength to grow people’s love for Him, not my own//for the next two years to be a time of God working in my life for His kingdom and glory//for me to listen to God as He guides my path beyond these next two years.

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